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Written in Fire
Written in Fire EP
Street: 01.29
Written in Fire = Voivod + Trivium
I’ve never felt any personal opposition to the recent thrash revival some of us metal fans have been noticing. Written in Fire are not purely a thrash band, but the influences are heavy in every way and I find myself enjoying them quite a bit. The modest tempo and some modern heavy metal additions will help make the band more approachable to the more casual metal listener, but there are enough thrashy elements skillfully written to please older metal fans. Every instrument here is accurately performed, and the vocals are raw and honest, never venturing anywhere near cheesy territory. I think the only thing I’d like to see these guys do is open up their songs a little more. It is obvious that special attention was paid to the structuring of each song, but there are also hints of some potentially excellent jam sessions. You can download material for free on their MySpace page!