A Dangerous Alien
Among Us
Street: 05.03.10
ZODIAC = (HOTH(e) + nonnon) + Little Sap Dungeon
Crash-landing in your backyard with proof that Salt Lake is actually in outer space, ZODIAC is here to take revenge for what you did to him in Roswell. That revenge is taking place in your eardrums. Repetitive beats and a galaxy of sci-fi samples are welded into a rabid frenzy. Billed as “cosmic dance metal,” the songs are danceable, but not varied enough to be any fun. The main weakness here (besides sounding like it was mixed on a Dell using the internal speakers) is that there’s little to distinguish the tracks except for which sample is being used, ad nauseum. Perhaps all that time staring at the homogenized moon rock landscape has left our local alien with monochromatic vision? Great for that 3 – 4 a.m. “the drugs might be wearing off so dance alone real violent-like” stretch of your annual rave, but not ready for more discerning audiences. I’m ready for my termination now, Mr. ZODIAC.