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Street: 11.01
Roadie = Sheryl Crow + Jade Bird

Folk rock and Americana soul band Roadie is made up of singer-songwriter Aubree Liz, Heath Edwards on the drums, Bao Ha on the trombone, Kamen Myers on the trumpet, Adrian de la Cruz on lead guitar and Peter Knowles on the bass. With a win of Battle of the Bands in Provo in winter of ’18 under their belt, Roadie is now releasing their debut LP, Soapbox.

“Tell Me” is the first track out of nine which is catchy and will be sure to get you moving. Ha and Myers carry the track “I Know, I Know” with their playful soul sound on the trumpet and trombone. Liz’s vocals make the track stronger, even though her voice does get lost a few times throughout the chorus. “The Bullet” starts off acoustically, highlighting Liz’s haunting vocals that are filled with resentment as she sings: “I thought you knew what you wanted / But now I see that you’re haunted.” The beat to the track grows stronger while Liz’s vocals become icier, culminating in a powerful ending.

The chorus of the track “Lowlight” chorus ends up feeling lyrically familiar to the chorus of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Franki Valli. Liz’s soothing vocals make you feel as though you’re out with the love of your life on the dancefloor. “All The World” is a track that was actually released as part of the group’s first EP, Roadie. Liz captures the emotion of a crush with her soft vocals: “I might’ve fallen / Wouldn’t you like to know? / There’s a chance that I’m feeling / so much more than I’m willing to show.” Tracks “Eyes Wide Open,” “Teeth,” “Better Off” and “Here & Gone” all keep the momentum of the album as well.

Soapbox took me on a rollercoaster of emotions in a good way. Roadie know how to capture the essence of heartbreak, betrayal, falling and being in love, and they have fun with their lyrics on every track. There are various elements to their sound, and some songs can easily fall into country just as they fall into folk. I’m in love with the whole album because every track made an impact. –Kimberly Portillo

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