Local Review: Purr Bats – Soft Fluff EP

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Purr Bats
Soft Fluff EP

State of Deseret
Purr Bats = Virgin Prunes + Rope or Bullets + candy necklaces


Purr Bats, a jeweled rainbow Phoenix risen out of the bleak, life-affirming wasteland that was Utah County band Puri-do, are a fleck of unadulterated talent in a grey fog of bombastic music caricatures. They are a harbinger of the apocalypse. They are half-and-half poured over big, plump strawberries. They are sea monkeys and Indian prayer dolls. They are Furbeez. Joining manic, Romper Room synth with X-rated themes and tongue-in-cheek innocence with murderous desperation, Purr Bats are the divine and the dirt. They are hypnotic disco dance. They are too-precious anti-pop. The nonsensical lyrics of their first release, Soft Fluff, takes sheer delight in tee-hee syntactical whimsy (“If you wait around too long, old mold will grow in your crock pot”), and conceals a keen, knowing wit that makes you laugh while laughing at you. (You deserve it). They are funny and lighthearted; they are horrifically depressing. They will wrap you in clean white hospital sheets, scrape out your guts with a scalpel and make you whole. “Rise and shine, pumpkin, again and every day.” The Purr Bats are one of Salt Lake’s top three bands. www.rest30.com