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Local Review: The Rose Phantom – Wicked Flowers

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The Rose Phantom
Wicked Flowers

Street: 10.31
The Rose Phantom = David Bowie + Die Form + Kenny G

The Rose Phantom shows, once again, that our state is a pillar in the underground communities when it boils down to music creativity. This EP is only a tease of the musical expression that this artist has inside. The meaning and emotion put into the lyrics is moving and inspirational. It is a fresh sound—I am anxious to watch it develop.

The saxophone on “False Alarm (Love Is Not a Game)” is something that you rarely hear in the gothic and industrial music styles. Hunter Bergman’s contribution is breathtaking. When you compile its soothing sounds with the grinding industrial beat and vocals of Theodoric Newsom, it simply blows you away with its passion and style. The track is full of emotion and heartache, and it has been quite a long time since a song moved me in this matter. We have the classic sampling style in the intro and throughout “Love/Pain.It seems that every industrial release has to have at least a brief sample on it—an artist’s security blanket. It is creative and driving, but sits right where you would expect it to. The saxophone stands out most on this piece.

The thing I disliked about the release was the abrupt ending of “To Hell and Back.The song ends jarringly, pulling listeners quickly away from continuing to enjoy the music. It feels almost as if The Rose Phantom hits a creative wall on how to end the song, so he just shut the power off. It is the last track on the release, so let’s just hope that was a deliberately creative decision. Overall, Wicked Flowers leaves me ecstatic that The Rose Phantom is local, and I am looking forward to hearing and seeing him live. –Mistress Nancy