Local Review: Scary Uncle Steve – Stuffed in the Crawl Space

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Scary Uncle Steve - Stuffed in the Crawl SpaceScary Uncle Steve
Stuffed in the Crawl Space

Recidivest Records
Street: 05.13
Scary Uncle Steve = Mischief Brew + Folk Hogan + Ramshackle Glory

This 7” takes no time throwing you right into its folksy yet exciting sound: “All Out of Perspective” starts with a waltz-paced accordion, which is quickly joined by the three-chord persistence from the guitar that shifts into some hard, fast, circle pit-inducing punk rock. “Straight-Bashing for Mormons” is a fun little number that makes tongue-in-cheek cracks at Governor Herbert and his homophobic remarks. “Let’s Do Brunch” kicks back into debauchery, and “Rats” settles down to the laid-back, swaying character that started off this EP, bringing it full circle. A solid 7”, Scary Uncle Steve have presented some fun, catchy, simple yet abrasive songs that channel everyone to join in on the party. –Eric U. Norris