Local Review: Late Night Sleep T.V. – Self-Titled

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Late Night Sleep T.V.

Late Night Sleep T.V.

Croakfrog Records
Late Night Sleep T.V. = Gary Numan + Staring at the Sea + Blondie + Rope or Bullets + Ladytron

Hot Paul Michael of Downers and Corleones fame is Late Night Sleep T.V., detouring from garage towards dance in this, his solo stuff. Was 80s post-punk with gothfabulous overtones ever this great? Not surprising: one of Paul’s favorite bands is Pulp. “Run Don’t Walk” is where everything heats up more; poppy but intense basslines pump up reedy synths, ambient static and playful vocals. It may not be 1982 anymore, but after listening to this, you’ll wish it were.www.myspace.com/latenightsleeptv