Local Review: Sequence – Just For Fun

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Just For Fun

3P (Properly Puffin’ Productions)
Street: 01.16
Sequence = Twista + Fabolous

After only entering the music industry two years ago, Sequence has a lot to show for it in growth, both musically and in knowledge of music as a business. As the newest member of Properly Puffin’ Productions, he has shown extremely wise methods in starting out, learning early to rely on himself, Sequence purchased his own music equipment with a humble sum and learned to be a songwriter, rapper, producer, sound engineer and designer, all while cutting out the middle man.

With drive and a self-starting ability, you may think his newest album is all business, but it is anything but. Just For Fun is a rap album that has the fun, party vibe that embodied rap in the mid-2000s. It’s full of songs that are fun to have a few drinks to as they don’t garner any deep meaning in them. Unlike much rap and hip-hop today, Sequence doesn’t seem to want you to dig deep into your soul to relate with his music—he just wants you to hear it and have a good time. The track “Dance Close” is a great embodiment of the feel of this album: It features multiple references to songs and rappers from the ’00s era and has an excellent mix of rap beats with a bump-and-grind kind of feel.

I can’t fully review this album, though, without mentioning my favorite track, “Drunk Checklist.” This track is produced perfectly and doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it also gives a perfect bit of advice, which is checking your drunk checklist: your keys, phone and wallet, items I am sure all of us have lost at one point or another while out drinking.

All in all, Just For Fun is perfectly titled in that is exhibits excellent production and I can feel the drive that Sequence puts in while also having a good time with the music. Sequence himself had an excellent quote for going into this album: “I hope you have as much fun listening to the album as I had making it.” After all … it’s Just For Fun.” You can check out Just For Fun at sequenceactivated.bandcamp.com. –Connor Brady