Sex Room – Naked on the Internet

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Sex Room – Naked on the InternetSex Room
Naked on the Internet

Fullblone Records
Street: 04.17
Sex Room = Dillinger Four + Reagan Youth

A trio hailing from “Hillary” Clinton, Utah (according to their Facebook page), Sex Room calls attention to the important topics of the day, such as shitty radio music (“Fuck Music”) and how big trucks usually equal a small penis (“Big Trucks Big Dicks”). Setting out to be as offensive as possible in three minutes or less in a sort-of NOFX fashion, Sex Room have managed to churn out some good, old-fashioned, pulse-raising punk rock. Lo-fi production fuels the piss-and-vinegar feel of this album, and the chorus of “Officer Down” has me humming along every time I pass a cop. Naked on the Internet is definitely worth the risky Google search. –Ali Shimkus