Local Review: The Jukejoint 45’s – Self-Titled EP

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The Jukejoint 45’s
Self-titled EP

The Jukejoint 45’s = The Cramps + Elvis + Robert Johnson


Grammar, children! If I see another Salt City CD’s or Go-Go’s emblem again, I’ll maul. Plurals don’t have apostrophes! Anyway, The Jukejoint 45’s make some really kick-ass rockabilly that’s not different from a dozen other rockabilly bands you’ve heard before, but what sets them apart is their ability to channel the true, primal, good-time, old-fashioned sound of genuine rockabilly with primal blues, unaffected flair and rummy, suave, Elvis-trembly vocals. Hell, they might even be good enough to tour with The Reverend Horton Heat!