7 Seconds
Leave a Light On
Rise Records
Street: 05.27
7 Seconds = 7 Seconds

Well, judging from the latest underwhelming releases from hardcore punk legends Black Flag and Bad Brains, I worried that the legendary 7 Seconds’ latest full length would follow the same trend of trying to retain the fire they once had but expose themselves as burned out musicians. Going in with low expectations, this album actually surprised me—I could tell that the band wasn’t profiting off of nostalgia and had some very upbeat tunes. Of course, having been a band for 30 years, they’ve changed their sound accordingly—songs like “Exceptional” and “30 Years (And Still Going Wrong)” have a skate punk vibe, similar to Pennywise. Others, like the title track and “Standing by Yourself” slow it down and have some flowing melodies that strike resemblance to the late Against Me!. It seems as if these punk legends are paying homage to the bands that they’ve inspired, completing the circle of inspiration. –Eric U. Norris