Acid King 
Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere 
Svart Records
Street: 04.14
Acid King = Ramesses + Church of Doom

Acid King have hit the scene again with the release of their sixth album, rife with their ultra fuzzed-out wall of sound. Sludgy bass lines like on “Silent Pictures” swirl from the distorted underbelly of their music, pulling the listener into a black-tar-heroin-infused, warped-out world. Downtempo, bleak power chords hold up within their grinding repertoire. Lori S.’s howling vocals leak like slow-motion molasses through the microphone—see “Center of Everywhere.” With minimal progression intratrack and over the course of the album, songs often seem to drone on into oblivion. After I got stoned, however, I closed my eyes and was transported into a desolate landscape of nightmarish proportions, inextricable from the music crushing my eardrums like the sable hoof of War’s steed. Now that’s how doom metal is supposed to be. –LeAundra Jeffs