Against Me!

True Trans EP

Total Treble

Street: 07.12

Against Me! = The Gaslight Anthem + The Replacements + American Steel

Against Me! has been through a lot over the past few years. Numerous drummers have come and gone, longtime bassist Andrew Seward left the fold, fucking Fat Mike joined the band briefly, and there’s the matter of vocalist Laura Jane Grace publicly transitioning from a man to a woman. Obviously, they have some shit to say. The True Trans EP is an acoustic teaser for the band’s forthcoming full-length, featuring a pair of songs with excellent titles (“FuckMyLife666,” “True Trans Soul Rebel”) and weighty subject matter, but not a whole lot of punch. These are Grace’s songs, so it seems most appropriate that they feature only her voice and an acoustic guitar, but I would love to hear both of them with the backing of a full band. The True Trans EP is disappointing in its briefness and in its lack of pure rockage, but it is successful in building anticipation for the eventual release of the next proper Against Me! album. –Ricky Vigil