Aidan Baker / thisquietarmy
Hypnodrone Ensemble
Consouling Sounds
Street: 09.15
Aidan Baker / thisquietarmy = Caudal + Noveller + several bands on Rocket Recordings

I recently became aware of thisquietarmy (Eric Quach) through Reveries, a highly-recommended collaborative project with brilliant experimental guitarist Sarah Lipstate/Noveller, whose album No Dreams is one of my favorites from last year. Reveries had the beautifully spacious and hypnotically explorative sounds heard here, but not the heavy percussive element—performed by three drummers—placing this music in a realm similar to that inhabited by bands such as White Hills. I’d say “psych” if the reference had much meaning left. This record features one 42-minute journey of a track, “Hypnodrone Ensemble,” mastered by James Plotkin, whose name you are likely to see on many a credits list. I loved listening to this music and hope to see an LP release in the near future. –T.H.