Holidays For Quince Records
Street: 02.05
Airstrip = Spinal Tap + Chad VanGaalen
Willing is the debut album of this Chapel Hill, N.C. outfit. It is primarily slow, rhythmic, guitar-driven rock with a few poppy, almost upbeat numbers thrown in. Sometimes Airstrip sounds kind of psychedelic and heavy (“Bitching Hour,” “Sleepy”), sometimes they sound like Jay Reatard (“I Hit A Wall”), and sometimes they go into weirder territory that I won’t try to describe (“Happenstance,” “So So”).  Aside from the first three songs mentioned, though, I can’t get into this album.  I need more of the psychedelic and heavy, and less of the annoying thing Airstrip does when the vocals and guitar follow the same notes at the same time. –Cody Kirkland