Alex Smoke
RS 1403
R & S Records
Street: 05.19
Alex Smoke = Objekt + Synkro
Alex Smoke does it again with a follow-up release to his 2013 Dust EP. This four-track EP is packed with minimal tech-house beats and industrial-influenced synths. Lots of reverb and a bit of distorted vocals drift through this EP, adding depth and dimension to the tracks. These tracks contain a big-room sound, so your mom’s laptop won’t do them justice. Do yourself a favor and break out some serious speakers. At first listen, the chopped vocals of “Oni” made it my favorite track. The second time around, it was the fluidity of “Green Man” that stood out to me more. After the third listen, it was the building tension of “Tommy Knockers” that really got me fired up. This album is so diverse and the production is so squeaky clean, you can’t help but admire Alex Smoke for the mass amount of talent this little gem holds. –Kamryn Feigel