All Pigs Must Die
Nothing Violates This Nature
Southern Lord
Street: 07.23
All Pigs Must Die = (Converge/Bone Dance) + Wolfbrigade – Scandinavia
All Pigs Must Die initiate Nothing Violates This Nature with the thrashy “Chaos Arise”—and it does! The song’s lyric “What man creates, man destroys” sets the theme for an album that paves the way for post–D-beat music. “Silencer,” onset by four grunts into said D-beat, exhibits this band’s penchant for rhythmic changes that further imbue crusty hardcore with extreme metal—whether it be guitarist Adam Wentworth’s black metal-esque, single note tremolo strumming or motherfucking Ben Koller’s insane blast beats and fluid beat changes. APMD still hearken to His Hero is Gone crust-sludge with ensuing tracks “Primitive Fear” and “Bloodlines.” The one-minute “Aqim Siege” features ring-outs, and “Faith Eater” includes discordant guitar work, both above enraged D-beats. Closer “Articles of Human Weakness” combines the album’s forerunning elements to round it out as a release that is more blistering than God Is War, simultaneously diverse and innovative. –Alexander Ortega