Allo Darlin’
We Come From The Same Place
Slumberland Records
Street: 10.07
Allo Darlin’ = The Lucksmiths + The Softies + Belle & Sebastian

Following their debut’s charming pop smarts and Europe’s astonishing poise, Allo Darlin’ have returned with their third full-length, We Come From The Same Place, brought to the U.S. by indie powerhouse Slumberland Records. Musically, the band is as adept at tugging one’s wistfulness as ever—with trademark ukulele jangle, the sincere strum of gentle guitars, prodding bass lines and crisp drumming that weave into an indie pop, nostalgia-inducing blanket sewn together by Elizabeth Morris’ keen observational songwriting. Morris’ extraordinary lyrical strength comes from her knack for pulling the life’s ordinary heartstrings and connecting them—like on “Crickets In The Rain,” a bittersweet but bright tune about moving forward without sinking into the past, a theme also explored in the elegant “History Lessons.” Upbeat dance-around-your-kitchen tunes like “Half Heart Necklace” and a duet with guitarist Paul Rains, “Bright Eyes,” abound, too—simple and sure, Allo Darlin’ have warmed my heart again. –Christian Schultz