Set Sail
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Street: 05.14
Anchoress = Gallows + Every Time I Die

I’m calling itthis is the album of the summer, if not the year. Furious and cocky hardcore punk with more swagger in 22 minutes than most bands have in a full LP, I haven’t taken this album out of my stereo since I started listening to it. Twangy guitars mixed with traditional hardcore chugging, Rob Hoover’s upbeat fast-talk erupting into passionate screams, an impeccable sense of pacingit all combines to make this some of the catchiest song writing on the planet. Hell, they’ve even got a song about zombies. Fittingly called “Zombies On A Plane”, it features the most infectious breakdowns of all time zombie gnash, indeed. This is also the same hardcore band that celebrated their album announcement with a cover of Andrew W.K.’s “Party Hard”they know they’re hot shit and they’re not going to let you walk away without some serious grooving. Matt Brunk