Regurgitated Semen Records
Street: 09.01
Archagathus = Agathocles + Repulsion + Napalm Death

As the saying goes, you learn something new every day—I hope that’s true. In the case of Archagathus, I learned that one of the subgenres they go by is called mincecore. Having never heard the term, I looked it up. Essentially, it’s just grind with a social and political theme. Also never having heard of Archagathus, I discovered the band has more releases than I can count with my fingers. The record basically fits into some grindcore stereotypes: lots of releases, and the main is that the music is actually pretty entertaining, but at the same time, once the album has played through, you don’t have any real memory of songs—you just remember listening to loud, buzzsaw-grinding guitars accompanied by guttural and high-snarled screams. Dehumanizer is a nasty release for sure, but not one I’m going to pump the volume up for often—just because its taste dissolves quickly after digestion. –Bryer Wharton