Armed With Legs
Street: 06.11
Armed With Legs = Kickball + Local Natives
To stand out as a two-piece you have to be creative. You are starting off at a disadvantage, and even if you are damn-decent, at best you will be getting compliments laced with qualifiers: "They sound really good … for a two piece." Armed With Legs use a mixture of oddly timed noodly guitar lines and interesting and inventive percussion to stand out. "Baby Rattlesnakes" reminds me a bit of The Mae Shiâ "Body 1, Bite 1," and uses an oddly breathy a capella as the hook. The percussion is reminiscent of Menomena, though decidedly minimalistic. My main beef with the album is that the vocals are too pretty, lacking in any sort of character. I couldn’t pick his voice out of a group of voice majors. -Cody Hudson