Ass to Mouth
Selfmadegod Records
Street: 02.19
Ass to Mouth = Squash Bowels + Toxic Bonkers + mid-’90s era Napalm Death
I love the smell of fresh grindcore in the morning. This Polish band delivers some nice tongue-in-cheek grind goodness on their second full-length and first (one could argue) on a bigger label—the always grinding Selfmadegod. The album flies by like a bullet licking your eyeball. The only real thing that breaks through the band’s ludicrous speed is movie samples from Nic Cage and some other song-related blurbs. Ass to Mouth take the groove-oriented grind approach, which is nice to have some tight riffs that remain in memory. “Sentenced to Grind” and “Drunk & Stoned” give the goods by way of meat-falling-off-the-bone riffs. “Brainless Retards” and “You have 0 Friends” take it up a notch on the BAM! Looking for some punk/hardcore/thrash-punching grind? Better take on that Ass to Mouth action. –Bryer Wharton