Beat Radio
Hard Times, Go!
Street: 02.19
Beat Radio = Yo La Tengo + Joy Division + The Microphones
Thanks to the ADD-enriching convenience of Internet music applications, today’s pop music culture has become overly saturated with boorish indie musicians who think success is more contingent on who-you-know instead of what-you-know; opting for that over talent. This is why it’s such a delight to come across a no-nonsense diamond in the rough like Beat Radio. Started as a therapeutic hobby by New Yorker Brian Sendrowitz, Beat Radio is a uniquely befitting medley of ‘80s-powered post-punk and navel-gazing dream pop; particularly showcased in latest release, Hard Times, Go! While meticulously melting atmospheric guitar riffs with rich and cascading melodies, Sendrowitz croons the lows like Phil Elverum and nasally sustains the highs like John Vanderslice. From stem to stern, this record will make you want to dance, stand and stare simultaneously. Those of you who are tired of today’s smug and derivative indie pop–this is your ace in the hole.