The Satanist
Metal Blade
Street: 02.04
Behemoth = Vader + Seth + Dissection
Fans of Behemoth have waited five years for this album, which is ceremonial, sinister and satisfying as hell. “Blow Your Trumpets, Gabriel” begins the ritual with hypnotic percussion and repetitive riffing, then attacks the entranced listener with Behemoth’s signature breakneck speed, accompanied by a diabolical chorus and trumpets. Anyone familiar with Behemoth will recognize the occult, transcendental auras of their later albums, which propel the listener into a vortex of pandemonium. “In The Absence ov Light” has an acoustic, spoken-word interlude (is somebody playing a fucking saxophone in the background?!). Much of the album is mid-paced and groovy, but it’s still immense and heavy, and there are plenty of blast-beats peppered on several tracks. If 2009’s Evangelion was The Exorcist’s Regan before she met Captain Howdy, then The Satanist is completely possessed by Pazuzu—and she’s spinning her head, masturbating with decorative crucifixes and urinating in front of the dinner guests. –Alex Coulombe