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Street: 11.13.13

Bipolaroid = Pink Floyd + Strangers Family Band

I haven’t heard an album with this same perfection of vintage sound in a long time. Songs such as “Tonight We Paint the Town Our Favorite Colour” and “Efflorescent Adolescent” (plus basically every other song on the album) sound like they could be missing tracks from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Slurred vocals paired with psychedelic lo-fi create music that can weird you out while simultaneously forcing you to dance, albeit strangely. The whole album almost sounds like it was recorded at a live show in some smoky pub in Camden. Weird-as-fuck lyrics, like “Yesterday falls on sword/Is today’s paper tiger/But tomorrow will cower backwards in slow motion (“Ave, Quixote”) and strange, swirling effects tie the hallucinogenic theme together nicely. But on the other hand, not much original style or material is covered. If you’re a fan of classic psychedelic rock, like myself, and aren’t necessarily looking for a new twist, this album is sufficient. –LeAundra Jeffs