Blac Kolor
Wide Noise
Basic Unit Productions
Street: 02.28
Blac Kolor = Haujobb + Cervello Elettronico + Kangding Ray
This release enlightened my ears regarding how one can take the simplest, single sound and transform it into a very complex piece of music. To fully appreciate this, use headphones to hear the depth of each beat and the differences between the left and right. It is a completely outstanding, profound body experience to hear and feel the music in such a defined way. It pleasantly overloaded my senses. I often turned my head to see if there was something actually happening outside of what I was hearing. This combination of techno, EBM and noise music is not only for those who have more of an acquired, educated taste for music and sound, but those who have had no experience with it at all. It is the classical music style of the modern age—a must listen. –Mistress Nancy