Black Tusk
Tend No Wounds
Street: 07.23
Black Tusk = Kylesa + Black Cobra + Red Fang
Savannah’s hairiest band have emerged from their swampy lair with a killer, six-song EP. By this point, fans should know what to expect from this three-bearded hydra: thick riffs and Southern swagger. “The Weak and the Wise” is a perfect encapsulation of the band’s sound as James May stomps out a solid beat that bassist Jonathan Athon thunders across and Andrew Fidler lays sharp licks upon, all three of them alternating vocal duties. “Internal/Eternal” recalls the sludginess of early Mastodon as well as their recent penchant for classic rock. I’m still amazed that so much noise can be created by a trio, and though Tend No Wounds may not be treading much new ground, it is a testament to Black Tusk’s consistency. For best results, pair with whiskey and/or beer, moshing and friends—live band optional. –Ricky Vigil