Blush Response
The Drift
Basic Unit Productions
Street: 04.18
Blush Response = 3 Teeth + Bombardier + Kevorkian Death Cycle

When you create something good, you get to choose. New York’s Joey Blush has become a hot commodity and has had to make a tough decision about which label he wants to carry him. Those who have an appreciation for elite electronic music and how it works will enjoy this one. As for this release, it’s mechanical, organized and precise music that falls into the noise genre. It is also compiled with some industrial flair. I appreciated “Black Sun” and found it humorous, as some of the clicking backbeats sounded as if they should be mixed into the Knight Rider theme song—I wondered if the KITT car was going to appear. The instrumental “Body Hammer” starts off with hollowed down-tempo beats and progresses into noise, which brought the song gently into the genre. This release bridges noise and industrial music. –Mistress Nancy