Invictus Productions
Street: 08.05
Bolzer = Celtic Frost + The Ruins of Beverast + Sulphur Aeon

Swiss black/death band Bölzer began to rumble the underground just two years ago with their demo, Roman Acupuncture. The rumbling and crushing grew further after the band played to U.S. masses at the 2014 Maryland Death Fest. The interest only builds for a band that has not yet released a full-length. The most intriguing thing about Bölzer is their songwriting and ability to stay fresh and change up drastically from the demo to last year’s heavy, yet weird and despair-filled Aura MLP. Bölzer have the intent and style of a classic Euro death metal band with highly blackened edges. The strength is all in the song dynamics, from immediate crushing to building and crashing crescendos of death, a slickly raw guitar tone and multifaceted vocal approach. The pounding march in “Labyrinthian Graves” is something to behold. These guys are a band to watch. –Bryer Wharton