Hirn Fein Hacken 
Exile On Mainstream
Street: 06.03
Bulbul = Radiohead + Marilyn Manson + Interpol

Organized chaos wandered out of Austria and happened to have been recorded to the delight of dysfunctional punkers everywhere. Bulbul’s Hirn Fein Hacken is their first album in six years, and it’s the oddest good time you will ever have. With instruments ranging from umbrellas to tennis rackets, this album is an elaborate tribute to auto-destructive art. At first listen, one might think someone recorded a tool box in a washing machine, but after that I started to feel the crunching of catchy guitars and realized that there is a method to the madness. Bulbul almost enjoy the mayhem that this album creates in the listener’s head, and they feed the internal anarchy by alternating perspectives on each track. Contemporary music gets a swift kick to the junk on Hirn Fein Hacken, and that’s a welcome jab to the boredom of everyday noise. –Benjamin Tilton