Candy Warpop



Street: 08.01.13

Candy Warpop = Hole + Mazzy Star + PJ Harvey

Candy Warpop is sugary-sweet, pop punk goodness, with a delicious and flexible female vocal and a musical sensibility that suggests a variety of top-notch influences. Tool, The Meat Puppets and Veruca Salt all come to mind, and even Mogwai, as demonstrated in my favorite on the album, a whispery track called “Afterlife in Dreams.” The band isn’t just talented at putting together a quality release—they are highly connected with their fanbase as well, with two successfully funded Kickstarters under their belt. They’re based out of Las Vegas, but with the new album out, I’m hoping they’ll add SLC to any tour plans they might have and treat us to the real-deal experience. Yummy. –Ischa B.