Cannabis Corpse/ Ghoul
Splatterhash Split
Tank Crimes
Street: 01.07
Cannabis Corpse = Autopsy Grave Ghoul = Exhumed + Carcass + Terrorizer
I hope people aren’t still calling Cannabis Corpse a “joke band.” Yeah, they’ve got that whole “weed pun” thing cornered, splicing kief-crusted metaphors into trad-death metal fare, but slagging them as a cloying stoner parody is a serious oversight to their technical greatness. Both of these offerings are strong, but “Shatter Their Bongs” is the more potent, featuring GWAR’s Pustulus Maximus on lead axe, brain-melting double bass and Weedgrinder’s most schizophrenic vocal burst ever. On the flip-side, Ghoul carves deeper into their ghastly cuisinart of punk, death and horror-drenched hardcore on “Inner Sanctum” (a cut which successfully rhymes “freshly opened crypt” with “coffin juices drip”) and “Spill Your Guts,” a deranged, 43-second banger that flits ‘tween death and thrash-like indecisive noggin-bangers gakked silly on trucker speed. Splatterhash is a brief yet strangely addictive testament to some of death metal’s newer strains (yuk yuk) and an exuberant romp through the genre’s recesses. –Dylan Chadwick