Secretly Canadian
Street: 04.30
Cayucas = Vampire Weekend/Beck + Dirty Gold
When I realized this band was backed by Secretly Canadian music, I knew to expect good things. Bigfoot is an album full of summer anthems. The songs are a mix of laid-back beach-pop and faster tropical rhythms that literally melt away my stress. Frontman Zach Yudin’s lyrical flow, matched with the percussion and bass lines, give this music the most subtle hip-hop touch. Overall, the album is completely soulful. “Deep Sea” is a great example of their soul-based hip-hop flair. It’s not often that I can play an album the whole way through without any weak spots and find the last track to be my favorite one. “Bigfoot” is minimalist gold, with big drums and harmonies that sing a tale of my favorite mythical creature. This debut album’s appeal tells me it won’t be long before Cayucas start receiving a lot of attention. –Justin Gallegos