In the Midst of Life, We Are in Death
Hells Headbangers
Street: 04.02
Cerekloth = (early) Entombed + Autopsy + Obliteration
Cerekloth took me completely by surprise with their 2011 EP Halo of Syringes, and I was even more intrigued when I learned the band included members of the highly underrated Church Bizarre. These fellas from Denmark play relatively straightforward old-school death metal, but they don’t use it as any kind of crutch—they have their own unique and refreshing take on bringing the old school to the new school, and they make it work incredibly well. On occasion, there are hints of new-ish Swedish-style metal tucked into passages, but they’re so well written and executed that it isn’t a hindrance or a distraction. Cerekloth gives me hope that good death metal still exists. –Gavin Hoffman