Review: Chant – Brave New Apocalypse

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Brave New Apocalypse

Street: 07.18
Chant = iVardensphere + Crash Worship + Die Krupps

Chant have taken their sound to the next level and have added a third member and guitars to their already outstanding sound. I can only describe it as an amazing tribal and industrial infusion. There is an unquestionably old-school industrial sound that stimulates from the Wax Trax that is also heard in the mix. With its aggressive hammering and what sounds like shouts from a crowd, “Adoration” pounds its way to the top of this one. It shows no remorse as it builds you up emotionally with truthful yet painful lyrics and pulverizing drums. I also loved the title and instrumental style of “Bring Me the Head of the Music Critic.” This is music that has relentless drumming that pulls you into it. If you have no time to sit at a drum circle, pop this release on. This music your mind and body will feel. –Mistress Nancy