Chris Gatsby
Middleground: Morals & Money
Street: 01.21
Chris Gatsby = Gang Starr – (MC Guru + DJ Premier)
“Hip-hop barely breathing, I’m that fresh breath,” raps Chris Gatsby in a song aptly called “Reckless.” Both sentiments are bullshit. It may not be 1993 anymore, but there’s a lot to like about hip-hop these days. Additionally, Gatsby’s resistance to change is a big part of what robs this album of relevance. “I’m not one of these new cats rockin’ skinny jeans,” he boasts on “Clap Your Hands.” Agreed. This lame attempt at a dis on the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown and Chance the Rapper underscores the fact that he can’t step to them. Sad, especially coming from a guy who only has one flow, and a tired one at that. It’s not that Gatsby didn’t put any thought into his music, it’s just that his thoughts need to be reconsidered. Also, I really hope he didn’t break the bank for this third-rate Statik Selektah beat. –Dan Vesper