Chuck Inglish

Easily EP

Federal Prism

Street: 10.15.13

Chuck Inglish = ½ of The Cool Kids + Curren$y

Good ol’ Chuck has always been a beast of collaboration, and this latest serving of tracks is a testament. “Swervin,” which features Sir Michael Rocks and Polyster the Saint, showcases classic Inglish/Rocks. The Cool Kids flow over a quick, snappy beat backed up with synth and funky basslines. You could hear a single like this on any Cool Kids album. My favorite track, “Tangerine,” which is the bassiest off the EP, features A$ton Matthews and Kashflow da God, who take turns with Inglish spitting bars about cash, women, drugs, guns and fashion. It’s just one of those songs you turn up in your friend’s car so you can pretend you’re in a music video while mean-mugging the elderly and homeless. Chuck’s only indiscretion was featuring Mac Miller on the EP’s title track because that dude just sucks, but because the other four songs are pretty solid, his sin is forgiven. –Carl Acheson