Cinema Cinema
A Night at the Flights
Lumiere Label
Street: 08.19.14
Cinema Cinema = Mutemath + Lightning Bolt

Prepare your earholes and assholes, because A Night at the Flights is going to blow ’em out. Steel wool vocals, complex rhythms—it’s everything I love about these guys. What’s different though is the maturity demonstrated here, which makes it better than their previous work. There are moments of meandering musical play, something you’d hear on a Pinback album. That is immediately shattered by punk speed and breakneck shifts (e.g. “Boxcutter”) indicative of Black Pus or Tera Melos. The album is mellower in comparison to their previous, but this isn’t saying much for an album with a two minute drum/bass groove with screaming, distant vocals. What I’m trying to say is that punk and noise-punk fans will like this album. EV Gold and Paul Claro deserve some serious praise for this album, I enjoyed every minute of it. Pick up this album even if it’s just to listen to “Gowanus Ghost.” –Alex Cragun