City Saints

Kicking Ass For the Working Class

Spirit of the Street / Rebel Sounds

Street: 04.04

City Saints = Cock Sparrer + Reviler

Starting out the album is “Gonna Ball,” a semi-cover of The Undertones’ “Get Over You,” which by my measure is spot on. A bit of boogy-woogy thrown into a heap of gravel and ash, this album is a working class party album. No politics, no agenda, just rock n’ roll weekend warrior aesthetic. Seriously, these punks are a tight group with the kind of chomps that make you wanna boot stomp the night away. The album is recorded in studio, but I want to see these guys live at Burt’s (opening for Booze & Glory or The Business) with the biggest, cheapest beer in my paw. Being from Gothenburg, they sound like they’re from Down Under, with clearly a lot of influence from groups like Motorhead and early-AC/DC. Pick this up for your next house party and skank the night away. ¬–Alex Cragun