Cobalt Cranes

Head in the Clouds

Anticc Records

Street: 04.09

Cobalt Cranes = The Breeders + The xx

The Cobalt Cranes have got something good going on. They’re a solid lo-fi/shoegaze band and should be recognized for the amazing music they produced in their most recent album. Swirling, atmospheric guitars support the frail, dissident duel vocals of Kate Betuel and Tim Foley, who are the poster children for boy/girl dream pop. There are moments in this album that diverge from amorphous shoegaze and sound more like early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (see “Head in the Clouds”) or a faster Velvet Underground. The strongest song is clearly “Paper Moon”, a classic end-of-the-album song, it is has a bit of twang to it and sounds pretty heartbreaking. Defiantly a song you want when you’re searching for the bottom of a bottle or just want to piss and moan. My only criticism of this albumand shoegaze in generalis that the middle of the album feels a bit flat and songs bleed into each other. Overall, the album is solid and I can’t wait to hear their next album. -Alex Cragun