Review: Cocksure – Corporate Sting

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Cocksure – Corporate Sting

Corporate Sting

Street: 08.21
Cocksure = Revolting Cocks + Acumen Nation + Iszoloscope

Staying true to Cocksure’s style, Corporate Sting is full of movie samples and no vocal variety. I know that these fellows are capable of shifting their sound, and I wanted to hear it. This is an extension of last year’s release—which was on my top 5, fortunately. A few of the things I was excited about were the different styles of sounds produced on this release. The power-noise-type backing track on “Hustler Face” and the throbbing, pulsating beat and the orchestrated sound of what seemed to be someone vomiting on “Harold and Cindy Hospital” redeems them for their lack of diversity. This track is amazing—it’s sexy and has a driving force behind it. I see this as being a club hit in the underground communities. The aggrotech feel of “Porno Drones” leads me to believe they were on bath salts during its production. –Mistress Nancy