Street: 04.20
Corduroi = Flying Lotus + Samiyam
Listening to this album, I felt like I was high on some sort of Shangri-La vacation, with peach trees in blossom, waterfalls glistening and magical gardens to explore. The soundscapes created by Cody Wilson are arranged in such a way as to turn my dancing inward, which has prompted many an opportune bedroom dance party with the volume as loud as my speakers allow. The buildup of “Qualia” lifted me up, leading me to feel like I was floating in the clouds, while “Dream Lemur/Low Tides” wraps up this EP with a finale that takes you into subconscious realms, creating an arch-structure with a slow beginning and ending, but with a booty-shaking middle, that’ll rock you right to sleep, unwinding any tension. –Brinley Froelich