Cosmic Psychos
Down on the Farm
Street: 09.17
Cosmic Psychos = The Saints + The Stooges + Radio Birdman + Gang Green

Down on the Farm was originally released on Mr. Spaceman Records in 1985, then it was bundled up with the self titled Cosmic Psychos LP (from 1987) by the legendary Amphetamine Reptile Records in 1991 before seeing another once-over by Goner this year. While the re-release doesn’t see any extra added bells n’ whistles, it’s nice to have this thing back in circulation cuz it’s a doozie! Blue collar, beer-swilling punk with a psyche-tinge (see the corybantic soloing on “Custom Credit” and “Decadence”) as well as an affinity for classic Oz-Rock à la (the criminally under-praised) Rose Tattoo. Certainly the band’s grittiest recording, no doubt a product of vocalist Ross Knight’s gravel-gulleted spew of pissed-off workerman blues and Bill Walsh’s vicious one-two on the skins … oh and the fact that it was recorded on a two-track tape machine borrowed from a pal. You’ve heard it before, but never quite like this. Recommended for the rough-hewn sprawl of “Rain on You” alone! –Dylan Chadwick