Reflection of the Negative Split 
Street: 04.15 
Cough/Windhand = Cough + Windhand 
Split releases of any type can be risky, considering a good chunk of the time before the split is even created, either artist hasn’t heard the others’ tunes going into the work. I’m not sure how this release came into fruition, but the one almost 20-minute tune from Cough and two tunes equally the same playtime come from Windhand. Cough most likely annihilated an entire population with the nasty hack that was their 2010 Relapse Records debut, full-length Ritual Abuse. Their contribution here gets uglier, more toned in ugly, muddy bass guitar that makes the distortions that much more harsh. It’s boggy, down-tempo and mean. Windhand, hot on the heels of their 2012 debut album, give a little yin to the yang of Cough. Windhand are sludge, but a bit more heavenly, especially with a bit more epic-doom type soaring vocals and loftier guitars. The gears are greased bloodier still with higher guitar distortions, but just as plentiful bass. Windhand adds a nice juxtaposition with the heavy and fizzled popping guitar distortions. –Bryer Wharton