Creepy Murdle
Midnight Ghost of
Street: 02.24
Creepy Murdle = The Jesus Lizard + Incesticide-era Nirvana
On their third release, Creepy Murdle deliver a sonic experience that is grotesque and beautiful. Imagine the grinding din of a metal shop when all the machinery goes haywire, throw in a multicolored spark celebration arcing out of the windows and roof for visual effect, and that’s Midnight Ghost of California. The crunch that pervades the album is heard most prominently in singer Richard Feinstein’s crackling vocals—an effect innovated by Feinstein’s splicing of a vintage headset with a microphone. This creates an eerie effect that heightens the already macabre aura surrounding the album (see “Best Behavior” for a kidnapper’s delight: “I want to borrow/some of your skin”). The energy of this album is irresistible, and there are some haunting gems that will get you singing along, especially on the title track. With enough earworms and fuzz to accommodate James’ giant peach, this record will please more than just the grunge enthusiasts. –Jordan Deveraux