Cultes des Ghoules
Hells Headbangers
Street: 01.27
Cultes des Ghoules = (early) Deathspell Omega + Mutiilation + Moonblood
Hailing from Poland and named after a book in the Cthulu mythos, Cultes des Ghoules fall into the category of, well, “really awesome black metal.” I was extremely impressed with their previous full-length, Haxan, and blown away by their one-sided EP, Spectres Over Transylvania, and Henbane is the perfect melding of both of those releases. This is what I imagine the old French Black Legions bands would have sounded like if their releases were better recorded and their musicianship a bit better, and, at the same time, reminds me of early Deathspell Omega and Clandestine Blaze. Straightforward enough to give you a bangover, but just weird and occult enough to require several sit-down listens. Highly recommended stuff. –Gavin Hoffman