Fashion Sells Musiq
Street: 10.29
Cuscino = Purity Ring + Flying Lotus + SBTRKT

By combining heavy bass with experimental beats, Cuscino was able to create a beautifully crafted album that showcases his talent in music production. One of my favorite songs on the album, “Unfiltered,” starts out with a slow, heavy bass intro and then speeds up just a little bit while more and more unusual sounds are added. Another one of my favorites was “Only The Beginning,” which started out with slow, peaceful notes and then dropped in and out of heavy dub and hard electronic beats. Although a couple of the songs on the album seemed a little bit scattered in a way that almost made it sound like Cuscino wasn’t sure where he was going with them sonically, the sounds did come together in a way that shows that he does know what he’s doing. Some other album highlights were “Walking in the Garden” and “Tonight, We Dream.” I will be further checking out this artist and I recommend you do as well. –Julia Sachs