Damien Jurado
Brothers and Sisters of Eternal Son
Secretly Canadian
Street: 01.20
Damien Jurado = M. Ward + Bon Iver
Haunting melodies fill Seattleman Damien Jurado’s newest indie rock album, Brothers and Sisters of Eternal Son, in nearly every track. Jurado crafted a musical atmosphere that feels dream-like and almost eerie. Between his vocals and guitar riffs, Jurado’s 11th album is a 10-track masterpiece. However, it does more than send shivers down your spine—the lyrics are crafted into a perfect, linear and mythic story. Though most of the album is more or less slow-paced and centered around a far away sensation, both vocally and instrumentally, it ends on an uplifting note. Final track, “Suns in our Mind,” leaves listeners in a perpetuated dream state, daydreaming for more. –Lizz Corrigan