Dave Hause
Home Rise
Street: 10.08
Dave Hause = Billy Bragg + Chuck Ragan + Matt Skiba
The Loved One’s current and Paint It Black’s former guitarist has also been putting out solo material since his stint performing on the PIB 2009 revival tour. It’s obvious that Hause knows how to create a large scope with his songs since each of them are emotional epics that tell Americana-type stories. Yes, the album leans hard toward folk and roots music influences you get in smaller doses on the Loved Ones material, but I think that a fan of that band will enjoy a more sedate version. I would like to hear Hause change it up a little more since the variations from track to track are pretty subtle. My favorite track has to be “Stockholm Syndrome,” which is more rock n’ roll than anything else on the record and has a dense, colorful sound to it. I think if you’ve got the taste for what Hause has done in the past, you’ll get what you’re looking for, but there’s really nothing new here. –James Orme