David Lynch
Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack Recording
Sacred Bones
Street: 09.16
Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack Recording = The Elephant Man + Twin Peaks – Dune

On the heels of 2012’s reissue of the Eraserhead soundtrack on vinyl (sold out), Sacred Bones is re-releasing the same recording on CD, in a deluxe version with gatefold CD sleeve, booklet and double-sided poster. The dingy black and white urban industrial vision of the film influenced a whole generation of industrial artists, musicians and designers, and, as one of the iconoclasts in the underground “midnight movie” genre, altered the way we look at film. The soundtrack by David Lynch and sound designer Alan Splet rendered the experience as physical, visceral, and not merely visual but full of bodily sensations, as the film is partly about what it means to have a physical existence. The complete original soundtrack is here, including “In Heaven (The Lady in the Radiator Song)” plus a David Lynch dance mix. To listen to the soundtrack is to lose yourself in the most uncanny sense of foreboding that is, strangely, also a kind of rapture. The reissue shows that the 1977 experimental film is still ahead of its time. –Stakerized!